If you are looking for something to eat, you must try the choices there are available for you around our location.
These are some great wonderful ideas:
Opens Everyday

“La Ola” Mariscos

This little place has the fresh flavor you are looking for just from a few minutes by walking from Den-Art Center in Tijuana. Fresh, delicious healthy seafood like tostadas or tacos. You can order in or pick up. Type of food: Seafood. Dress code: Casual

Opens Everyday
“Sabor a mi” Restaurant

It´s located right across the street from Dent-Art Center. This restaurant has lots of tradition and delightful Mexican food. You can go there to relax and have breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a treat. Type of food: Mexican Dress code: Business Casual / Casual

Closed on Mondays

“Bunker Food Crew”

It´s located right behind Dent Art Center. The modern concept of an open space surrounded by food trucks with over ten choices for lunch and early dinner. They have live music on Saturday nights. Type of food: Asian, Mexican, Baja Med, American, Japanese, etc. Dress code: Casual

Opens Everyday
“Villa Marina” Restaurant

Just a few minutes away from Dent-Art Center and located on the main commercial avenue. They offer international food but their specialty is the fabulous Mexican Seafood style that we all love. Great service.You might need reservations for the weekend. Type of food: International & Seafood. Dress code: Business Casual / Casual

Opens Everyday

Caesar´s Restaurant

This is the most famous restaurant in Tijuana because Caesar salad was created by it´s chef. However, every dish is exquisite. You might need reservations. Type of food: International Dress code: Formal